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Why salmon oil?
Though dogs are often fed meat, they are deprived from animals that are not naturally fed resulting in a lack of Omega-3 in the meat. This is an important nutrient and it is beneficial to supplement this where it is found lacking. It is not produced by the body and needs to be obtained through diet.
Salmon oil is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids and is very beneficial for the dog. It helps in the development of the dog’s coat, joints, organs, brain and the general health.
Besides, there are no side effects. In fact, it is good for every part of your dog’s body. It is also given to puppies to aid in their brain and overall development. Moreover, it should be noted that food companies are now adding salmon oil for dogs in their formulas. Salmon oil supplements are also now available in the market.
Benefits of salmon oil
A regular diet of Salmon oil helps your dog to maintain a glossy and healthy coat and develop strong nails and teeth. It also boosts the immune system by providing nutrients that may be lacking in the commercial diet being given to your dog. It is also very beneficial for dogs that have an arthritic condition as it contains
anti-inflammatory properties.
It is also quite helpful in keeping an ageing dog’s brain alert. Salmon oil also helps to heal various skin conditions. It also helps to slow cancer cell growth in dogs. Dogs can be given the same salmon oil that is marketed for humans. The advertised dosage varies depending on how you are checking.
However, it is the general rule of thumb to add 1000mg for every 30lbs of the dog’s weight. If it is being given for a specific purpose, it is best to check with your veterinarian or an animal nutritionist.

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