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Raw Feeders Story

Raw Feeders was established by Gina Roberts and Steve Bracegirdle in October 2016 after seeing for themselves the amazing results after switching their pets to Raw.

Becoming firm advocates of raw, we set out to help others and to offer a wide range of products to suit all budgets.

We explored natural methods to offer protection to our pets and Gina trained with Dorwest to fully understand their products and benefits.

Offering both local and national courier deliveries, Raw Feeders has grown rapidly and has a large following across the UK. We have become major stockists for a few market leaders and even have our own range of premium meals made for us.

In December 2018 Gina studied for a Diploma in Canine Nutrition and gained a distinction, so can offer the very best advice backed up with the best range of products in the North West.

The Team at Raw Feeders includes 5 staff and Izzy the French Bulldog and Lulu the Mini Dachshund.

The Benefits of Raw Feeding

Less Smell

Your pet with smell less

Glossy Coat

Your pets fur will be super shiny

Less Tummy Upsets

The health of your pets stomach will improve

Clean Teeth

Your pet will have cleaner teeth an fresh breath