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Local Deliveries: 

Last delivery Friday 22nd December

Recommence on Wednesday 3rd January


National Deliveries:

Last dispatch date Tuesday 19th December

Deliveries recommence Wednesday 3rd January 2024

Sat 23rd Dec – 10am – 2pm

Sun 24th Dec – CLOSED

Mon 25th Dec – CLOSED

Tue 26th Dec – CLOSED

Wed 27th Dec – CLOSED

Thu 28th Dec – 10am – 12 noon

Fri 29th Dec – 10am – 12 noon

Sat 30th Dec – 10am – 2pm

Sun 31st Dec – CLOSED

Mon 1st Jan – CLOSED


The weather is going to be extremely hot this week and our delivery service is NOT a refrigerated service.

Our food leaves us deep frozen and we are adding extra insulation in an attempt to ensure the food reaches you in the best possible condition during these extreme temperatures.

The food may well start defrosting – please CONTACT US VIA EMAIL TO POSTPONE YOUR ORDER if you are not prepared to refreeze the meat – which is totally acceptable and ok to do – this is common practise in the raw feeding community.

We will not refund any orders on this basis. If you are not going to be in to accept the delivery, please bare this in mind and make alternative arrangements so the food isn’t sat in the full sun all day.

May – we have 3 Bank Holidays in May !! – All on a Monday!!

We will be closed and no deliveries on the following days:
Monday 1st May
Monday 8th May
Monday 29th May

No local deliveries will be made on these days,
cut off for Tuesday local 2nd May is Friday 28th April 12 noon
cut off for Tuesday local 9th May is Friday 5th May 12 noon
cut off for Tuesday local 30th May is Friday 26th May 12 noon

No national deliveries will be made on Tues 2nd May, Tues 9th May and Tue 30th May

29th March 2023

With immediate effect, we are removing the option to have exclusions on our bundle deals. Sorry!!

Our bundle deals are truly mixed and should no longer be used if you need or want to avoid certain proteins

Easter 2023

Thursday 6th April – cut off for Tuesday 11th April local delivery is 12 noon
Friday 7th April – shop closed – no deliveries local or national
Saturday 8th April – shop open as usual 10-2 – no national deliveries
Sunday 9th April – shop closed as usual
Monday 10th April – shop closed – no deliveries local or national
Tuesday 11th April – shop open as usual – no national deliveries


We are still attempting local deliveries this week but the conditions on some of the smaller roads are against us!!!

Please be patient with us and the driver…. we will do our best to get to you – we may just be later than usual..

If anyone lives on a road where its simply not possible to get to – please let us now in advance

We will monitor the conditions and this is subject to change if necessary

Thanks for your patience.

Christmas 2022 Delivery Schedule

National Deliveries:
Last dispatch for National Deliveries – Monday 19th December
Resume National Deliveries -Friday 6th January 2023

Local Deliveries:
Monday 19th December – Deliveries as normal
Tuesday 20th December – Deliveries as normal
Wednesday 21st December – Deliveries as normal
Thursday 22nd December – Deliveries as normal
Friday 23rd December -Deliveries as normal
Local Deliveries now finished for 2022
Monday 2nd January 2023 – no delivery
Tuesday 3rd January 2023 no delivery
Wednesday 4th January 2023 – Deliveries as normal

Opening hours for Christmas 22 – shop in Adlington


If you have requested a delivery this week, please bare in mind that it is going to be very hot!!

Our driver, nor the APC driver for National Couriers will phone you (unless specifically requested in the comments on your order and even then, we can’t guarantee APC will follow that request) – it is your responsibility to ensure you are around for the delivery, or have made arrangements so the items do not sit in the full sun….