Woof – Peanut Butter made exclusively for Dogs

Woof – Peanut Butter made exclusively for Dogs
Peanut Butter especially for Dogs – now in store
Woof Butter is a natural peanut butter designed specifically for dogs whilst focusing on health, wellness and mouthwatering taste.
Woof Strong Teeth
Woof Treat Time
Woof Joint & Movement
Woof Coat Health
This Woof Butter is perfect for dogs as it doesn’t contain any added sugars or xyltol which makes it safe and enjoyable for all doggos.
  • 100% Natural made from roasted peanuts
  • Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Made to improve teeth health
  • No added palm oil and preservatives
  • Add to your doggos toys or treats
  • Suitable for puppies and adult dogs

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