Henley Raw Dog Food

Here at Henley Raw Dog Food, our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.
Henley raw dog food is a raw dog food company based in the beautiful town of Henley-on-Thames. Henley Raw set out with the aim to provide the highest quality dog food on the market, with outstanding customer service for both our customers and their beautiful dogs.
We have years of experience in raw feeding and are passionate about it. The more we learned the more we realised that natural, raw dog food really is the best. So we started our journey with raw feeding our own dogs.
Our dogs have always been raw fed, and we love the variety they have in their diet. When we started raw feeding we found it difficult to find a true complete i.e. 80/10/5/5 so our aim was to make our completes just that, 80% meat 10% bone 5% liver and 5% other offal.  We also offer chunks, offal and bones for those who like to DIY.
We only use ingredients of the highest quality with a firm commitment to ethically sourced produce with high animal welfare standards. (organic, free range or wild where possible).
Our food is;
• Packaged in biodegradable and recyclable packaging
• Sold in clean and easy-to-use boxes
• Free from vegetables (meaning you can be sure you are are getting the best value for money)
• Free from any additives or preservatives
• Delivered nationwide
• DEFRA approved
• Stocked in a growing number of outlets nationwide

The team at Henley Raw thank you for choosing us

LUNA & me

Hello, I’m Sammy, the proud founder of LUNA & me. I’m a life-long raw feeder, butcher’s daughter, farmer’s granddaughter, and you could say dog obsessed, 15 and counting!

I’ve spent my life studying canine/feline nutrition and I started LUNA & me to share my knowledge and passion with people who are just like me: crazy about their dogs and cats.

I really love my pets! I really love your pets! That’s why I ensure y{our} pets eat the safest, healthiest, highest quality food there is.

After all, you shouldn’t have to choose between what works for you and what’s good for them!

After serving meals to your dogs and cats since 1991, and through our e-commerce site since 2015, we know what makes tails wag.

We believe we can make the world a better place for dogs, cats, and their people by creating products that nurture the health and happiness of pets everywhere.

We’re here for you and your pets. We’ve never met your pets, but we know we love them.

Cotswold Raw

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