Scottish Bone Broth – Lamb 500ml


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Some people ask us what is actually in bone broth.
They also ask us….. Why it is so much better than any Joint supplements on the market.
They also ask us……How does it prevent Arthritis?
They ask us………….How it cushions my dog’s joints, How does it do this?
They ask us………….Is it really the best thing for protecting working and sports dog’s
They also ask us……How it remove my dog’s food allergies.

The answer is in the composition of bone broth, each protein and mineral has a specific job to do within your dog’s body.

When giving bone broth to your dog his/her body employs these proteins and minerals when they enter the blood stream and are used up by your dog and not discarded out along with food or water.

As an example between each bone joint there is a cushion that protects both ends of the bone from rubbing and banging together causing damage and arthritis.

Within the knees this is known as the Meniscus and within the hip joints this is known as the Synovial membrane.

To protect and repair damage bone broth provides concentrated collagen for this.

That is just one example of what a rich concentrated bone broth can provide for your dog.

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