Aniforte – Taurine Powder for Cats 100g HIDDEN

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AniForte Taurine Powder for cats can be used as nutritional support in cases of muscle tremors and nerve ailments. The addition of AniForte Taurine Powder to your animal’s diet can play a role in muscle maintenance and performance.

Benefits of AniForte Taurine Powder:

 Aids muscle performance

 Supports nerve function

 No artificial additives

How does AniForte Taurine Powder work?

AniForte Taurine Powder is a component of neurotransmitters responsible for smooth nerve function. Added to your cat’s diet as a complementary supplement, your animal may experience more comfortable movement and less muscle sensitivity.


100% taurine

Analytical Components:

Crude protein 67.4%, crude fat 0.0%, crude ash 3.7%, crude fibre 0.0%


Cats: 500mg (1 measuring spoon) per day

AniForte Taurine Powder should be fed for 4 weeks and repeated every 3 months. However, you can also give Taurine continually, as it is not possible to overfeed.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

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