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  • DAF – Goose, Turkey & Fruit & Veg Complete – 454g

    Composition: Goose 42%, Turkey 20%, Carrots 10%, Peas 10%, Apple 5%, Cranberry 5%. Beef Liver 5%, Seaweed 2.5%, Contains bone. Typical Analysis: Moisture 69%, Protein 14%, Oil 13%, Ash 3% Packed in the UK -CPH 12/031/8010 PH PET FOOD ONLY – NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION Feeding guides: 2-3% of the adult body weight.

  • Goose Necks – 1Kg

    Free Flowing Goose Necks  in a 1kg bag

  • Goose Wings – 1Kg

    Free Flowing Goose Wings  in a 1kg bag

  • Benyfit – Goose Meat Feast 500g

    This mouthwatering recipe is packed with high protein, iron-rich goose meat and ox offal. Goose is an excellent and nutrient-dense alternative protein. It is high in riboflavin and vitamin B-6 which help transfer food into energy for active dogs. This meaty recipe is made with 80% goose muscle meat, 10% bone and 10% ox offal. […]

  • Raw Made Simple – Goose & Turkey Complete 500g

    Goose and Turkey Meal WHOLE GOOSE with BONE 40% Turkey Drumstick with Bone 40% Chicken Heart 15% Turkey Liver 5% Resealable 500g container with.  Great quality seasonal meal packed in a sturdy sealed tub ready for fast delivery.  Easy to store in your freezer. A tasty seasonal meal for your dog.  A great texture for […]


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